Typical Issues


Initial account setup


“My barcode/password doesn’t work”


Site logon


“The barcode and password that you sent me no longer works.”

“I can’t remember my password.”

 “I can’t remember my username”

“I tried my Big Red username and password and I still cannot get onto BriercrestLive!”


“I have set up my BriercrestLive! account and want to get back in. When I click on the link that you sent me, it won’t let me login.”




“When I click on ‘Get my T2202A’ nothing happens.”

 “When I click on ‘Get My T2202A’ all I get is a web page that reads…

‘Your request cannot be completed at this time…please contact the Briercrest Financial Aid Coordinator at…’”

“I don’t have a printer; My printer is out of ink; My printer prints gibberish”